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Tuesday, March 13, 2012


In this amazing book the very bad Dennis and his dog Gnasher go off in beano town to menace the people in the village. His little sister Bea is evin badder but she is still young. In Beano (the book) is a comic and there are very short stories that are really funny and great to read. In the picture can you name all the Beano friends when you do post a comment and tell me. Just to help I put up this video so that it will be lese hard for you. In the video there mey be more Beano friends so be careful about your choice. I recommend this very funny book.       


  1. I used to read the Beano too, Harry. And I was interested to see that the Beano Annual featured in one list of "50 books every 11 year-old should read" (Michael Rosen's suggestion):

  2. It is funny beno isuntit. Rhys

  3. I like that video from JACQUES