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Friday, February 10, 2012

Billionaire boy

I'm loving this book, but I don't know how it ends as I haven't read it all. This is all I know that happens...

The billionaire boy is called Joe Spud. He has everything he wants (including a pet crocodile as well as a shark in his Olympic-sized swimming pool!) except a friend.

This is how the story begins: He goes to a really expensive school where everyone bullies him just because his dad made all his money out of toilet rolls (well, it is quite funny really).
One day, on his twelfth birthday, he says he wants to go to a normal school and there, that is when he gets his first friend.

If you like the sound of this book finish it off yourself.

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  1. Hi Jamie

    Has I was reading your post it made me want to read the book and maybe do a report on the book. Do you know what the battle of the books is?
    If you don't then it is a day in march and you and your team battle of the books. Get it:)

    West Maple Elementry